Saturday, March 21, 2020

A Post for Fellow Cat Lovers

In loving memory of a gentle and loving spirit ...

You can tell I didn't use my T-square to create this journal page, but even if there are a couple of images with unwelcome tilt, I prize it for its sentimental value.  

Of the 5 silhouette-poses of felines in my 6"X 6" Cats Stencil , 4 are based on photos I had taken, years ago, of my late and dear companion, Kitty...

My daughter and our Kitty 1991

It's been several years now since Kitty made that crossing over that "Rainbow Bridge."  I still get teary when I see images of her.  But I see this pang of sorrow as a tribute to the love that my daughter and I shared with her.  It was deep and lasting.

Below is a collage made from my Cats Stencil (6"x 6") .... First, I enlarged some of the shapes on my PC.  Then I cut out and used those enlargements to trace their shapes on assorted papers (some of which were translucent so as to show whatever lies beneath them.)

Cats Stencil (6"x 6") itself looks like this:

Much more recently, I designed an ATC sheet of stencils that measures 9" x 12" before being cut into ATC sizes.  This is it--

ATC Mixup Swatton # 1

As you can see, this sheet gives you three cat shapes both as stencils and as masks.  The cats are very similar to the ones in Cats Stencil (6"x 6") -- but they are not identical, nor is any of them the same size as what's included in Cats Stencil.

One final art sample for today:

Thank you for stopping by!  To scroll thru the pages of my StencilGirl stencils and masks, please start here.

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