Tuesday, June 23, 2020

PALM FRONDS SILHOUETTE -- 3 Sizes Means 3 Times the Fun

Now that Palm Fronds Silhouette comes in three sizes -- L791 is 9" x 12" and S238 is 6" x 6" and M050 is 4" x 4" -- I've been using them together as often as I can!

Below:  two close-ups of an artwork still in progress.  Before using my Palm Fronds Silhouette masks with modeling paste, I removed most of their borders with my Joyce Chen scissors.

I'm still using them separately as well.  My 6" x 6" S238 was what I grabbed for making the two prints below.  For the first one I used marbled paper as background.  After placing S238 atop that, I sprayed the surface with several layers of spatter paint.  I got the spattered look by applying the layers with a spray bottle containing a tiny bit of airbrush medium, a little acrylic paint and water.

The print below, also created with 6" x 6" S238, was made on a Gelli Plate that'd already been used with an assortment of media, including inkpads.

And when stencils or masks get stained in a way that catches my eye, I like to use them as collage elements.  Like this:

Above:  On a paint-spattered background of heavy watercolor paper, a paint-stained Kaleid mask (6" x 6") becomes the middle ground in a three-layer collage.  Atop that rests a paint-stained 4" x 4" M050.  

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