Thursday, June 11, 2020

Re-visiting ATC MIXUP SWATTON #1 and ATC MIXUP SWATTON #2 -- 2 9" x 12" Sheets of Stencils and Masks

This year saw the release of my two 9" x 12" sheets of ATC-sized stencils and masks.  Not long ago I was reminded that I had yet to post all my art samples created with ATC Mixup Swatton #1 and ATC Mixup Swatton #2 --

ATC Mixup Swatton #1

ATC Mixup Swatton #2

-- and that reminder came my way via artist Carolyn McGowan, when I saw this artwork of hers:

You can click on the art above (a collection of Artist Trading Cards) to enlarge it and better see details.  In the top row, Carolyn has used Unfurling Leaves (top row far right) as well as  one of the cats (top row middle) from ATC Mixup Swatton #1 .
 She has filled the middle row using more of the cat stencils and she's cleverly filled the cat in center with an imprint made with Diagonal Mania, also from ATC Mixup Swatton #1 In the bottom row, the central image my ATC-sized stencil Ski Lift Works fills the head silhouette

Carolyn's center cat in the second row was created by first imprinting ATC-sized paper with blue paint and Diagonal Mania; her next step was to place the cat mask atop that blue-and-white print, then paint around it with a layer of translucent yellow paint.  And she outlined the cat shape in black ink, making it stand out from its background.  Carolyn has used this approach working with several other stencils and masks as she developed a number of the ATCs above.

Spurred on by the reminder Carolyn had given me, I pulled out more art samples I'd created using ATC Mixup Swatton #2 --

 Above:  I started with a sheet of watercolor paper previously tinted with water-diluted purple acrylic paint mixed with a little foamed-up dish detergent.  I placed my ATC-sized mask Sprigs from ATC Mixup Swatton #2 atop the paper and spread a layer of light modeling paste over it.  After that paste had dried, I went over the surface with Pan Pastel chalks of blue and lavender.

Above:  Again I started with a piece of watercolor paper previously stained with water-diluted acrylic paints.  Atop that I placed my ATC-sized stencil Penguin from ATC Mixup Swatton #2.  Using a sponge brayer loaded with heavy-body lavender acrylic paint, I spread an even layer of color across the stencil.  Below are two photos of the same paint-application method used in other projects--

Above:  the heavy-body paint is being absorbed into a sponge brayer.

Above:  the paint-loaded brayer is rolled down across the stencil or mask; this approach creates an even layer of paint all in one easy motion.

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