Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Think romance!  Love and hearts are the feature in today's post, in celebration of my newest stencil, 6" x 6" LOVE.

Backtracking for a minute:  My post of August 26 featured a greeting card printed with one of four stencils and masks in my Pods series.  That card looked like this --

And -- because today's theme is love -- that card's been updated to this:

What a difference it made to my eyes, when I'd added a hole-punched heart shape painted bright orange!

Below: another heart cut-out, this one cut from a purple and yellow print I'd made using 6" x 6" Looking Up Through Trees Small z793.  Does this heart remind you of the moon on a romantic night? -- seen thru interlocking tree branches, of course!  Below that heart collage, I used yellow acrylic paint to make a print with my newly released 6" x 6" Love.

Most of the heart shapes in today's post, incidentally, were cut freehand using a template cut from once-folded scrap-paper.  It's a skill learned way back when.  Probably most readers will have learned it in kindergarten.  (I started first grade at age 5 since there was no kindergarten in the sticks where I lived!) 

Below:  a heart-decorated greeting card; its base was cut from a print previously done on an old map.  (For that, I'd used a combination of 6" x 6" Small Tangled Pods and 6" x 6" Sprigs.)  The large green heart was cut from French newsprint tinted green during an earlier project.  Atop that heart is a small blue one, created with a crafter's hole punch.  Circling the little blue heart is a piece of Dresden embossed gold foil.  (This embossed foil comes without adhesive, so here, I've used a gluestick.  Next time, I'll try using Artist-tac permanent dry adhesive.)  The support for this art sample is a metallic-green greeting card blank, measuring 5.75" x 5.75", from

Below:  This art sample started with a paper cut from a print I'd made using multiple applications of 9" x 12" Palm Fronds Silhouette Large The large green heart was cut from French newsprint tinted green.  The embellishment in the lower right is Dresden embossed gold foil.  (This embossed foil comes without adhesive, so here, I've used a gluestick.  Next time, I'll try using Artist-tac permanent dry adhesive.)

Next up:  I used 6" x 6" Love on a sheet of sturdy (140-lb.) watercolor paper; its background includes a subtle print made with my 6" x 6" Sassy Spray.

Below:  Here the background comes from paper multi-printed with 9" x 12"  Palm Fronds Silhouette LargeAfter using 6" x 6" Love and red acrylic paint for the top layer of printing, I added a red heard within a green heart.

Today's last art sample....

... was developed on a sheet of paper that had been pressed multiple times onto palette paper smeared with leftover acrylic paints.  After that multi-color application had dried, I used green acrylic paint to print with 6" x 6" Love.

Love is beautiful!  I hope you'll enjoy using Love as much I do!

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