Sunday, April 4, 2021

 Today's post follows an artwork of mine as it goes thru its stages toward resolution.

Above:  My paint-stained Abstract Composition Backbones Mask 1 s864, now cut free from its original 6" x 6" frame, is placed on a new substrate and from it extends an ultra-narrow artist's masking tape.  Under the roll of tape lies a small sponge-top paint applicator that's just been used to add pale pink acrylic paint all along the area around the tape.

Below:  So the starting print can be seen, the tape has been removed and the mask has been slightly moved.

Below:  As I continue repeating the same type of paint additions, I rotate the substrate and eventually bring in another paint-stained mask, Abstract Composition Backbones Mask 3 s866.  It too has been cut from its original 6" x 6" frame: 

Below:  Now the substrate looks like this: 

The next photo shows more development --

Below:  Now I bring out Abstract Composition Backbone Mask 4 s867, which has been further customized -- not only removed from its original frame but also cut into two unequal halves....

And I change from pink acrylic paint to blue --

Below:  I start to add a darker pink and darker blue, still using the small sponge-tipped applicator thru my masks....

Finally --

The photo above shows the finished piece.  By the time I've reached this point, I've used all four of the masks.

Abstract Composition Backbones Masks 1, 2, 3 and 4 look like this --






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