Wednesday, March 31, 2021

One of the many ways to use a color wheel is to visually isolate analogous colors -- colors lying next to one another on the wheel.  On the right side of the photo below lies one of my color wheels.  With red dots I've designated my chosen 5 analogous colors ....

... and my reasons for choosing these colors are (1) analogous colors play well together and (2) I'm working on a sheet off Yupo faintly stained from an earlier project; those pale stains are in this analogous color range.  I wanted a background close to white, but not perfectly white because I wanted to show a somewhat different way of using Abstract Composition Backbones Masks to create "light paths" across a piece of art.    

The above photo shows the stained Yupo covered with Abstract Composition Backbones Mask 1 s864, now cut free from its outer border.  In the lower center lies Abstract Composition Backbones Mask 2 s865, also cut free from its border and stained from earlier painting projects.  In the center top and along the far right side are two halves of Abstract Composition Backbones Mask 4 s867.  I've secured the masks in place with masking tape.

Below is a photo showing the analogous colors spread across  my tablet of white palate paper.  I'm using heavy body acrylics because I want to apply paint with sponge brayers (far right in the photo) and this type of paint works well with these brayers.


Below:  The first color has been added.

Above: All colors have been added.  Below:  the masks have been lifted off.

Now the stage has been set.  My light-paths are clearly established and so are my main areas of color.

The painting itself now sits unfinished, but I have a plan...

... and to show, rather than tell, what this plan looks like, I've Photoshopped it to show the direction I have in mind:

Above:  As I continue to develop this piece, I'll apply paint to mute/fog some of the areas, while allowing some of the near- white lines to stay as they are.  

After I've muted out some areas (visually moving them into the background), I'll leave alone the lines that will visually connect, moving from the upper left, thru the middle, and down into the right bottom.  

Muting out selected areas will bring more overall order, as well as provide resting places for the viewer's gaze.

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