Friday, March 5, 2021

Exploration 2 with Newly Released Abstract Composition Backbones Masks

Abstract Composition Backbones Mask 3 s866, third in my brand-new 4-piece series, has been cut from its original 6" x 6" frame for today's project. 

I started with "catch-all" papers -- these are spare papers that "catch" leftover acrylic paints.  I create them by wiping my brush on them at the end of a painting session, rather than immediately dunking the brush into water.  I do this out of concern for the environment and, in the process, wild and crazy background papers are developed.  One of the catch-all papers below was used in today's step-by-step project.

Having spread these papers, I placed each of my new masks onto its own separate background.

Abstract Composition Backbones Mask 3 s866 appears in the top of the photo below--

Above top: s866.  Middle: s864. Bottom: s867.

Above: s865.

The photo below shows two compositions in progress; using a sponge brayer loaded with heavy-body acrylic pale-green paint, I've coated both papers while holding the masks in place to keep them from slipping.  (Prints of this kind can also be made on a Gelli plate; the plate method will create a smoother, slicker surface than what's achieved with a sponge brayer.)  

Above:  The top mask has been lifted; the bottom mask, Abstract Composition Backbones Mask 3 s866, is visible in the paper's center, waiting to be lifted. 

The close-up below shows the central area after this mask has been lifted.....

Above:  a close-up of the starter-print.  The next photo shows the full-sized sheet.

After the paint dried, I brought out Gelatos and Art Crayons.  The sponge brayer had created a lovely tactile surface across the paper, a surface that has "tooth" and feels slightly rough to the touch.   It's a surface that works well with soft crayons, allowing me to rub color deep into the "bumpy" texture --   


The close-up above shows the use of a cotton swab to rub Gelato color into small areas that the mask's print had created.

Above:  Here you can see how easy it is to extend the 6" x 6" original print so that the finished art measures 8" x 10" and fits into a standard-size mat and frame. I've done a lot of explorations with these 4 new masks, and will be posting those explorations in my blog; but, this is the kind of abstract art I had in mind when developing the masks.  Each mask can each give you a finished print with the first paint application -- yet at the same time, each is designed to give you freedom to take that first print as far as you want.

Above:  the finished artwork.  Notice the background areas where the original "catch-all" paper is still showing hints of its wild and crazy colors!

Note: Abstract Composition Backbones Mask 2 s865 -- also cut free from its 6" x 6" frame -- appeared earlier in this post, being used to make a print.  It turned out that this original print needed very little addition to become ready for matting.  That addiction was a blue squiggle made with Golden High Flow acrylic.  The matted piece is below.  Notice how a playful line tangles around the original print and gives a visual "stretch" to what started as a 6" x 6" image.  Following this view of the entire piece:  a detail-photo showing a close-up of one area....

Abstract Composition Backbones Masks 1, 2, 3 and 4 look like this --






Thank you for visiting my blog today!  More examples are coming up, continuing the idea of using these 6" x 6" masks in the way I had in mind back when designing them.  Lots of other ideas came along too, and those will likewise be showing up here on this blog.   

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