Friday, March 12, 2021

More Exploring with Abstract Composition Backbones Masks

On March 3, when I introduced my 4 newly released Abstract Composition Backbones Masks s864, s865, s866 and s867, I mentioned the option of cutting all four from their 6" x 6" frames to make it easier for me to use them in combination, for developing artworks larger than 6" x 6" or even 9" x 12".   

Today's post goes step-by-step through yet another way to "think big."

Like earlier art-making explorations, today's began with black watercolor paper.  At this point in my series of art-making adventures, my masks already bore stains from other projects; this was an advantage, since it made them stand out on the black background.  I used green masking tape to secure three of the masks in a top-to-bottom formation.  As you can see in the photo below today's featured masks are Mask 2 s85 (far left) and Mask 3 s866 (far right) and Mask 4 s867 (center.)

Above:  Today's project calls for metallic Woody watercolor pencils.  The pencil shown here is metallic gold.  Notice that I've made a "trail of gold" that extends from the left side to the right and from the top to the bottom.

Below:  A close-up that shows detail in one area of today's first photo.  Notice that I haven't filled in every opening on the masks; and in some cases I've drawn around the outer contours of these masks (contours that I had created myself, when cutting the masks out of their original 6" x 6" borders.)   

In the following  photo, you can see what the black watercolor paper looked like when I peeled off the last mask:

In the photo below, I've again used green masking tape to add masks to the watercolor paper.  This time, I've placed  Mask 3 s866 in the upper left, covering some of the gold areas while also leaving openings for using the silver Woody pen that will be making the next marks.  Mask 1 s864 has been taped into the right-central area; Mask 4 s867 has moved to the lower far right, with some of its width extending past the border of the black paper.

What did the piece look like after the metallic silver had been added?  Like this--

At this point, I turned to collage, selecting papers that would play nicely with the 3 colors and shapes already existing....

Above:  I will be using an embellishment-strength gluestick to secure papers to my background.  In earlier years I used heavy matte gel medium for adhering papers, but these days, because of poor ventilation, I limit myself from exposure to fumes from gel medium and similar substances.  This gluestick gives permanent adhesion, in my experience.

Above:  Here is the finished artwork.  The photo below shows close-up detail in one area --

Abstract Composition Backbones Masks 1, 2, 3 and 4 look like this, when still enclosed in their original 6" x 6" borders--





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