Thursday, June 3, 2021

For today's post I've started with 140-lb. hot press (smooth surface) watercolor paper and covered it with dark gold "metallic" acrylic paint.  My goal is to create a luminous background because this luminosity goes beautifully with alcohol inks.  Here I've used the Golden brand; other brands are available.

After the paint dried, I added stencils and masks, holding each in place with masking tape --

The stencils and masks used above are:

on the far right, my 9"X 12" Borders #2 L221 stencil -- 

at bottom left, a portion of my 9"X 12" Boxed Vines L247 stencil;

my 6"X 6" Mimosa s126 stencil (upper left);

my 6"X 6" Kaleid s085 stencil (middle top.)

Next, very lightly pounced thru the stencil openings with a Ranger alcohol ink applicator and just a few drops of Ranger alcohol inks, pictured below. 


Below is the sheet of gilded paper after the stencils were lifted off.

Since the photo above can't capture the luminosity of these prints, please take my word for the fact that the "metallic" paint shimmers thru the colors of the alcohol inks.  

Another "metallic" paint that works well as background for alcohol inks is the pearl "metallic" acrylic paint.  Below is an example printed using part of my 9" x 12" stencil Boxed Vines L247.

In its entirety, Boxed Vines L247 looks like this--

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