Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Yupo & Abstract Composition Backbones Masks

 Yupo is a synthetic substrate that gives you a choice of thickness per sheet and a range of sizes.  Today's project starts with a sheet of Yupo that had been used in some previous project that I'd discarded.  In that discard, I had washed the Yupo with water and the interesting stains that you see below are what remained -- giving me an automatic background patterns that I liked.

Because Yupo has a somewhat slick surface, many techniques used with it are ones that employ low viscosity media such as inks, Golden High Flow acrylic paints and watercolor.  However, today's project treats the Yupo as if it were stretched canvas or any other non-slippery substrate.

Above:  a color wheel with red dots to indicate the color scheme I'm choosing for this project.

Above:  On the left is the stained Yupo under my four 6" x 6" masks in the series Abstract Compositon Backbones Masks.  The easy one to see is Abstract Composition Backbones Mask 2 s865.  That mask is darkly paint-stained from a previous project as well as scissor-customized.  Altho harder to see, the other 3 masks are present as well.  All of them have been likewise scissor-customized.  Thin strips of green masking tape are securing the masks to the Yupo and the Yupo to the work surface.  I've placed the masks in a way that there is at least one connecting line between all of the masks.  This connection will be clear to the viewer in the finished art-piece.

Above: I've assembled acrylic paints of those chosen colors as well as a collection of sponge brayers (on the far lower right.) Sponge brayers come in 2 - 3 widths depending on which company makes them.  These brayers are one inch wide.

Above:  I've used one sponge brayer to apply acrylic paint across the substrate; it's a yellow with a faint orange tint.

Above:  I've repeated applications of paint, staying within the color range that I chose at the start.

Above: The masks have been lifted off.  Notice that they were arranged so as to have lines that connect all of them.

Above:  the finished artwork, ready to mat and frame.

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