Thursday, June 9, 2022

Handmade Paper???

Do you like the texture-rich look of handmade paper?

Golden Texture Paste gives you that look and does it a whole lot faster than if you had whipped up your own batch in a blender dedicated to paper making.

Here is a video by StencilGirl's MaryBeth Shaw, showing how to use a specific type of stencil with texture paste in creating 3-dimensional shapes for embellishing your art projects.

The necessary type of stencil is one that has a silhouette cut-out like these, for example:

Above:  6" x 6" Cats s183 -- one of the stencils MaryBeth uses in this video

Another example--

Above:  6" x 6" Pair o' Parrots s395

I've designed a number of silhouette-style stencils, some of which would work with this technique up to a point, but additional linework would be needed after the fiber paste had dried, in cases like this ....

Above:  The body of Heron s175 would work fine with fiber paste casting, but the legs would probably be more successful if done with linework, added after the paste had dried.

Have fun with fiber paste shape-making!

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