Saturday, June 25, 2022

Kate Word -- My Happy Discovery

Run -- don't just walk! -- to check out the artwork of Texas artist Kate Word!  You can start here  ... but if you're like me, you'll want to keep going to Kate's website here.

It was the joy of discovering Kate Word's work in StencilGirl Talk that propelled me to her website, where I promptly ordered a cartload of her artwork in prints.


Theologian and philosopher Thomas Aquinas had a mystical experience after he had already spent a long time writing about God.  Awestruck after this experience, he said that everything he had written was "dust" ... meaning that his own intelligence and imagination, despite his longtime devotion and study, had fallen far short of grasping the scope and wonder of the Divine.

On a much lower scale, I've had the same feeling after seeing Kate Word's art.  Here I have been posting about collages I've created using stencil-printed papers. Well, my own collages became "dust" when I saw the gorgeous artwork of Kate Word!

I'm not saying this just because Kate has used -- among many other stencils from -- a few of my design, including Longwood Florals Stencil L676 ... 

Longwood Florals Stencil L676  (9" x 12")

Feast your eyes, below, on what Kate has done using that stencil -- and a number of other stencils from --

But don't stop there!  My jaw hit the floor when I browsed Kate's website, here.  

You can also find Kate at and

After that, you may very well join me in buying handfuls of her artwork! 


  1. Cecilia, Thanks so much for your accolades about my work. I'm humbled to be written about in the same paragraph with Thomas Aquinas & you've given me much to ponder. It's truly a wonderful pleasure creating with your stencil designs. You've no idea how much you've encouraged me and I'm truly grateful. Blessings, Kate

  2. I totally agree that Kate has utilized your stencil in beautiful pictures. Her art has such depth.

    1. Thank you, Anonymous, for your beautiful comments about my artwork and your observations about its depth. I appreciate it very much. Kate