Thursday, May 12, 2022

 Here's a parade of beautiful stencil-art prints by artist Sylvia Lokhoff de Bruijn !  Most of Sylvia's art is created on a gel plate using a variety of media.

Above:  This lovely gold and yellow combination print was created using 9" x 12" Flowing Ribbon Swirls L556, designed by Trish McKinney, and my 9" x 12" Fire Cherries Mask L879.  Sylvia's stroke of genius was to combine these two designs in a way that brings out the best of both!

Below:  The first two prints below, in warm earth tones, were created with 9" x 12" Mimosa 9 L141....

Above:  The bottom print was developed by using 9" x 12" Palm Fronds Silhouettes L791 in rotation.  After making the gel plate first print, Sylvia turned the stencil 180 degrees and made a second print over the first.  The resulting complexity is compelling!

Above:  Like me, Sylvia has a special love for richy earthy hues.  Here she has used glittery embossing powder, spreading it in an even layer thru part of my 6" x 6" Sassy Spray s465; she followed this by using a heat gun to make the powder puff up into 3-dimensional art.

Above:  Sylvia used 9" x 12" Fire Cherries Mask L879 atop an earlier print, resulting with a nicely layered abstracted combination that hints as mystery.

Above:  Here Sylvia has created a pleasing pattern by repeatedly applying monochromatic yellows thru one of the 9 Artist Trading Card-sized stencils that's included in my 9" x 12" Swatton ATC Mixup # 1 L768.

Above:  Sylvia used her gel plate to create a cloudy sky behind the tree.  Stencil used:  9" x 12" Branching Blossoms Silhouette L284.

Above:  Sylvia's art print, on a yellow background, combines a green layer printed with 9" x 12" Longwood Florals Stencil L676 and another layer (dark red) printed using 6" x 6" Swatton Flowers Version 1 s078.

Today's parade of colorful prints ends with Sylvia's snippet-prints  below --

Above far left:  printed with portions of  9" x 12" Blooming Where Planted L449. Middle and far right:  9" x 12"  Garden Montage L652.

My 9" x 12" Blooming Where Planted L449, in its entirety, looks like this:


Other stencils and masks used:

9" x 12" Garden Montage L652 ....

9" x 12" Swatton ATC Mixup # 1 L768....

9" x 12" Mimosa 9 L141 --

6" x 6" Sassy Spray s465 ....

6" x 6" Swatton Flowers Version 1 s078:

9" x 12" Palm Fronds Silhouettes L791 --

Palm Fronds Silhouettes L791 is third in a series; the other two are:

Palm Fronds Silhouette Mini (4" x 4")

Palm Fronds Silhouettes Small (6" x 6")

Thank you for stopping here at my blog today! -- and thank you to Sylvia Lokhoff de Bruijn for sharing her art prints with us!  To scroll thru the pages of my stencils and masks at, please start here.

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