Saturday, May 28, 2022

Karen Hale ... and a Wide Array of SASSY SPRAY S465 Artwork

I've been an enthusiastic fan of artwork by the professional painter Karen Hale for many years.

So imagine my jolt of surprised delight when I ran across this painting of hers!

Immediately I recognized that, as a last step in creating this artwork, Karen had applied a thin, white top layer of paint over a portion of my 6" x 6" Sassy Spray s465.

In its entirety, Sassy Spray s465 looks like this --

And altho Karen's artistry casts a powerful shadow on my own humble art samples, today's post includes two other art samples developed with help from this mask.  My artwork on stretched canvas looks like this --

Above:  my Sassy Spray s465 and Trish McKinney's Criss-Cross Ribbon Swirls L557

-- and a duo of close-ups look like this:

Above:  Sassy Spray s465 was used in the upper left

Above:  Sassy Spray s465 was used in the central area and in the upper left, Criss-Cross Ribbon Swirls L557 was used.

As those close-up shots show, I spread modeling paste and crackle past on my stretched canvas as a first step.  After that had dried, I spattered on some Golden High Flow Acrylics and sprayed them with a little water. My last step was to add gold glitter gel (Golden Paints) with a small plastic art spatula.   

Today's post offers one last print made with 6" x 6" Sassy Spray s465 mask.  In this case, I started with a substrate of an old calendar page ....


... which I covered with a translucent layer of lavender acrylic paint.  After that'd dried, I set the mask into place and, holding it securely with one hand, used a sponge brayer and this mask to add a topcoat of filmy white layer of water-thinned acrylic paint. 

I thank you sincerely for checking out my blog post today!  To scroll thru the pages of my stencils and masks at, please start here. 

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