Monday, May 16, 2022

Fun with Stenciled Papers in Collage

Stencil- and mask-printed papers push the door wide open to many possible applications ... new adventures and explorations.  

One of my favorite applications is in developing collage.  

Two of my recent collages were compiled using (for the most part) papers printed with my 9" x 12" Garden Montage L652.  Both collages were assembled on 12" x 12" stretched canvases.

However!  Before I started on those stretched canvases, I needed to take a good look at what I had to work with.  I'd made such a number of prints with Garden Montage L652 that I'd lost track of everything still on hand.  Those papers had been cut into pieces of various sizes because they were leftovers from earlier projects.  

While scouring my studio to collect these printed scraps, I decided to include a few papers printed with other stencils, as long as they fit into the botanical theme. 

started by spreading these botanical papers across my tabletop: 

Above:  In the upper left, I included part of a red and green print made with 9" x 12" Longwood Florals Mask L675In the upper right sits another partial print, this one made using 6" x 6" Garden at Nemours Mask s658. Those two pieces were auditioned by didn't make it into either of the final collages.

It's my practice to spread the available papers across a flat horizontal surface, but in creating the actual collages, I work vertically on an easel.

Vertical composition is a challenge, so most often use a glue-stick of temporary adhesive to tack papers in place while I'm auditioning them.  Temporary tacking means I can still move papers around as I experiment with their placements in the composition.  Having these temporary try-outs means that some papers will make it into the final collage, while others will be left on the table for another day.

The temporary glue-stick brand that I use now is Scotch, shown above.  (Behind this glue-stick are scraps printed with three 9" x 12" stencils -- on the left side,  Looking Up Through Trees L753; on the lower right side, Tangled Pods L344 ; and in the upper right, Nosegay Stencil L335.)


After paper auditions, I'm ready to make my arrangements permanent with acrylic medium -- either matte or gloss, depending on the project at hand.  

I use extra-heavy-body gel medium when working with thick, stiff papers.  When working with lightweight papers, I use liquid acrylic medium.

Below are my two completed collages compiled mostly of prints from 9" x 12" Garden Montage L652 ....

Above:  This collage uses only prints made with Garden Montage L652, but the pieces on the far left and far right were printed atop earlier prints that had been made with Longwood Florals Mask L675.  This double-print adds complexity that I like.

Above:  This collage, on the lower left, includes a partial print created with 6" x 6" Quilted Flower Garden s237.

Garden Montage L652 in its entirety looks like this....

9" x 12" Garden Montage L652

The other botanical-themed stencils mentioned in today's post are the following ...


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