Sunday, November 6, 2022

A Christmas Card with Texture and Dazzle ... Tho These Photos Don't Show it as Well as I'd Like

 Today's post highlights two photos of the same Christmas card cover --

The top photo comes close to showing the luminosity of these winter leaves, created with my 6" x 6" stencil Pressed Leaves and paint that I'll describe below. And, after that paint dried, I outlined the leaves with silvery glitter glue (Ranger Industries.)

The second photo comes closer to showing the metallic dark bronze background as it really is -- this cardstock boasts a beautifully deep color with embedded flakes that give it a delightful luster.

I buy most of my foldover greeting card blanks from  The foldover card shown in today's post is no longer available, alas.  I'm glad I bought my supply back when I did!   Today's card measures just under 6"x 6"... and perfectly fits my 6"x 6" stencil.  And its corresponding envelope is exactly 6" x 6", which means there is a surcharge for mailing it.  I handle this problem by using two "forever" postal stamps.

For making the imprint, I stirred up a custom blend of light modeling paste and Schmincke silver metallic powder.  (This powder is to be used with caution.  Working with it, I wear disposable gloves and am very careful to avoid letting the powder get airborne, where it could be breathed.  Wearing a dust mask is recommended.)

After spreading the paint thru the stencil, I immediately set the stencil down into a basin of water, where it waited till I could later lift it out and wipe it clean with paper toweling or an old rag.  I don't clean stencils after using regular acrylic paint with them, but when using a thick, three-dimensional medium with stencils, I want to keep the medium from drying on them.  Dried thick media could easily change the shapes of some stencil openings or block some openings altogether. 

Instead of using this custom mix, I could have instead chosen high-body silver metallic acrylic paint, which is probably easier for artists to find.  But I wanted to experiment.  Customizing is fun!  I encourage everyone to go wild and try new things!  And to comb the Internet searching for cardstock of the "metallic" kind shown here today.

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