Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Christmas Stocking Stuffers, Mica Tiles and More!

Before we get started, a few words about supplies:

Fold-over-style greeting card blanks made from sturdy cardstock are available here as well as from other vendors. I highly recommend buying card blanks cut from sturdy heavyweight cardstock.  They cost more but they can stand up to any kind of decorations you create.

Spiral-bound blank journals, similar to those shown in today's post, are available here and probably elsewhere.   

3D Christmas stickers similar to those shown in this post are available in a wide variety of colors and designs.  One example is shown here.

Glitter glue, likewise, is easy to find; one example is here.


To make the card above, I printed a mica tile with silver metallic acrylic heavy-body paint and my 9" x 12" Clustered Leaves L433.  Once that dried, I used red ink (Sharpie pen) to highlight the lines that had been created by the stencil.     

Making a quick detour from Christmas cards to Christmas stocking-stuffer gifts, I used another 3D Christmas sticker as my final touch on the cover of the pocket-sized journal below.  The front of this journal had already been printed with a portion of my 6" x 6" stencil Ornamental Iron Curls s462.  I had masked off the edges of the journal cover with masking tape so that only the central area received the print.

Once again, Ornamental Iron Curls s462 teamed up with green acrylic paint, as I veered back to Christmas card-making.....

Pillar candles are among my fun, favorite and fast ways to create a series of Christmas cards.  (The same goes for birthday cards, any time of the year!)

I cut my candle flames from orange paper scraps and finish them off with glitter glue.

Merry Christmas! -- and thanks for stopping by here today!

To scroll thru the pages of my stencils and masks at  StencilGirlProducts.com, please start here.

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