Thursday, March 22, 2018

Easter Greeting Cards

Today's post features a collection of Easter greeting cards.

One of these techniques used in creating them was to (1) spread light modeling paste thru a stencil; (2) while the paste was still wet, I sprayed on liquid colors.  (3) I lifted off the stencil and right away put it into a water-filled basin.  I don't mind stencils stained with paints, but I don't want modeling paste to dry on my stencils because it can interfere with the crisp clean lines of the design.

Another technique I used was to simply spray thru the stencil itself, without using modeling paste.

Still another was to use Distress Ink pads and a brush applicator to apply this oil-based ink thru the stencil openings.  

On some cards, I added several layers of spray colors, choosing a different color each time and allowing dry time between layers.

You can click on any of the images above to enlarge them.
Today's post was created with these stencils:

Boxed Vines (9" x 12")

Budding Branches (6" x 6")

Swatton Flowers Version 1 (6" x 6")

Silhouette of a Wildflower Bouquet (6" x 6")

Pressed Leaves (6" x 6")

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