Sunday, March 4, 2018

First Step in Preparing Collage Papers for Art Journal Pages -- Using FEATHERS 6 STENCIL

My older stencils include two that feature feathers -- one is 9" x 12" and the other is 6" x 6".  It's the smaller one that I'm featuring in today's post.  

Some time ago, at an estate sale, I had bought a collection of pre-1929 encyclopedias.  For today's project, I decided to take out a page featuring birds in one of the background illustrations.

The traditional sponge-daubing technique would have worked for this project; likewise, a Gelli Plate could have been used.

But I chose the method easiest for me -- loading a sponge brayer with a heavy-body acrylic paint and running the brayer over the stencil (while holding the stencil in place with my other hand.)

The print above is part of a series that emerged from the idea of using these old papers with theme-related stencils -- using this as a first step in creating collage papers for art journal pages.  After these prepared papers (used whole, or torn into pieces) are collaged into journal pages, more artwork is layered over them.

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