Saturday, April 14, 2018

3D Art with Melissa Johnson using 9" x 12" Stencil VINTAGE SCRIPT

Melissa Johnson has had a fascinating tutorial on the StencilGirl StencilTalk blog; please check it out ---

Melissa has stepped out-of-the-box to showcase how stencils can be used in 3-dimensional artwork, encouraging all of us to let our art-journal pages become springboards out into the bigger world all around us.

Among other StencilGirl stencils, Melissa chose to use one of mine, Vintage Script, measuring 9" x 12".

Below are two photos that show her finished artwork, back and front. (But don't forget to check out her full tutorial, with step-by-step photos, at the link above.) 

Above:  Melissa's artwork from the back.  Please click on this image to enlarge it.  My 9"x 12" stencil Vintage Script has been used in black across the middle of this piece; it has also been used with white paint on the upper right.
Above:  Melissa Johnson has used Vintage Script stencil in the upper left and lower right.

Vintage Script stencil itself looks like this:

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