Tuesday, May 7, 2019


My 9"x 12" Branching Blossoms Silhouette Stencil is often called "The Tree" because ... well, it looks like one!  I've even started to call it "The Pseudo-Tree" myself ...

Below, I'm posting the first in a series of close-up photos that show a work-in-progress on canvas.  (Note:  in the background and on the upper right are underlying prints made with the 9'x 12" stencil Letter Mania, designed by Suzi Dennis.)

Next phase ... adding green:

Next phase:  added a whole lot of green!--

Next phase ... Here is the entire canvas, showing that I've now toned down the green and used part of another 9"x12" stencil, Vintage Script: 

By the time I had gone this far in the process, I was wishing I had left the left side in its original condition (as shown in the top photo close-up) but there was no going back.  All I could do was move forward and hope to make the best of things.  (Can anyone else relate to this??)

Much later, I finished the canvas with the prints shown in the close-ups below:

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