Sunday, May 12, 2019

New Life for Old Stencil Prints

Have you ever ended up with more stencil-printed papers than what your art journal will hold?

How about getting out the scissors and cutting some of those prints into pieces?!

Pieces that form shapes; shapes that move in new directions....

Above, some simple squares, rectangles and circles have created a village in some magical place far away!

Below, more simple cut-outs have come together to make an abstract design --

Above:  The center of interest was cut from a print made with the 6" x 6" stencil Webbed Medallion.

6" x 6" Webbed Medallion

Other stencils used in making the original prints include:

6" x 6" Pavilion Shadows
Above:  the print, before it met the scissors!

6" x 6" Sprigs

Above:  This is not one of the Sprigs-printed prints that got cut up, but it's similar.

Today's post shows one last abstract design created with shapes cut from stencil-prints --

Above:  A 9" x 12" mixed-media collage on stretched canvas.  The black-and-purple printed papers are computer-generated.

The main stencil that went to work making these prints:

9" x 12" Garden Montage 

In the 9" x 12" collage on canvas shown above, I used a three-piece  stencil set with acrylic paints in creating shapes to correspond with the computer-generated strips of paper (black figures on purple backgrounds.) 

I developed these black figures on purple backgrounds in Photoshop; and when I imported similar images into Photoshop, it became the birthplace of this three-stencil set.

What three-piece stencil set?  Wait and see!

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