Sunday, July 12, 2020

Working in a Series with 6" x m6" Mask LOOKING UP THROUGH TREES SMALL

Working in a series is a fun way to build up a cache of background papers; but the fun doesn't stop there.  Besides developing into color-coordinated backgrounds for future art projects, a series of similar prints also volunteers to become giftwrap or begs to be cut up for collage.

Below are four papers printed with 6" x 6" Looking Up Through Trees Small....

 ... and this brand-new mask itself looks like this:

6" x 6" Looking Up Through Trees Small

That series of four printed papers went to work in several ways.

Above left:  one print has been cut into strips.  Above right:  Some of the strips are cut down even further and are being auditioned as collage pieces, as embellishments atop other papers printed with other stencils and masks.


Above:  The audition continues as more pieces are added.  Below:  In this close-up, the other prints become recognizable.  The three-quarters orange and blue paper, as well as the two pieces of red and brown paper along the top, were all printed with the companion mask, 9" x 12" Looking Up Through Trees Large.  And the vertical purple paper along the right border was printed with 9" x 12" Clustered Leaves.

9" x 12" Looking Up Through Trees Large

9" x 12" Clustered Leaves

Yet another piece of paper from this series ....

.... was used to create two parts of the greeting card cover above.  The 6" x 6" piece became a background in a size corresponding to the blank greeting card.  A purple painted tag was added with a gluestick.  My last step was to use a hole punch to cut out a butterfly and add it as the final touch with the gluestick.  I use Pioneer Embellishment Gluestick, which I like for its permanency as well as its ability, as a dry adhesive, to avoid wrinkling papers. 

What would you do with a series of stencil- or mask-printed papers?

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