Friday, January 8, 2021

 More "odds and ends" from 2020 that I want to show, while moving ahead into the new year:

First up, below, is a collage I created in a 6-month-long online workshop that I started nearly a year ago.  Jeanette Goulart was our class leader; I highly recommend her as a teacher!  This collage incorporated a subtle use of stencils.  I'll highlight those with green shapes in today's second photo....

Above:  In this over-large photo you can see the areas where I used transparent (Zinc) white acrylic paint to make subtle textures along some edges to help merge them better into the white background.  Stencil used:  6" x 6" Swatton Grid Stencil --

Below:  This is one of two collages that incorporate papers cut from a print I'd made using acrylic blue paint with my 9" x 12" mask Clustered Leaves:

In its entirety, my 9" x 12" mask Clustered Leaves looks like this--

Below is another collage -- this one still in progress -- that incorporates more papers cut from that blue print:

Above:  Four other stencil-printed papers (top right, center left, center and bottom right) were cut from a sheet made with my 9" x 12" Palm Fronds Silhouette Large using acrylic paints topped with art crayon shadings.

Below are two prints developed using my 6" x 6" Garden at Nemours Mask....

Above:  This illustrates how much fun it is to use magazine ad graphics as backgrounds!  Below:  By way of Photoshop magic, the above print was flipped horizontally and combined with a photo that I'd taken of my work surface after a wild painting session! 

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