Thursday, January 28, 2021

Today's post at StencilGirl Talk briefly previews my two-part project for using crafters' wooden blank hearts --

-- with "leftovers" in creating 3-dimensional embellishments to become refrigerator magnets, hanging ornaments, or decorations for art journal covers, greeting cards, gift-tags, etc.

Because of space limits, a lot was left out of the StencilGirl Talk post.  Today's two posts here on my blog will fill in the gaps to avoid any possible confusion. 

Here is the supply list for the first of these two projects--

1.  heavy-body acrylic paints
3.  crafters' wooden blank hearts 
5.  miniature iridescent beads 
6.  fine-detail scissors (or a cutting board and knife)
7.  extra-strength gluestick 
8.  any kind of beading tray

The second project in today's post at StencilGirl Talk shifts the focus to using leftover stencil-printed papers with crafters' wooden blank hearts.

On my own blog today, I'm describing the same project, but here I'll use a different set of stencil-printed papers.  These papers were printed using my 9" x 12" mask Garden Montage, which looks like this:

Three examples of these papers--

The photo below shows crafters' wooden hearts and scraps of papers printed with Garden Montage; both are ready for me to take them into the next step.


Below:  a photo showing stencil-printed paper scraps flipped backside-up, with hearts glued to them; for that, I used an extra-strength gluestick.

My next 2 photos show two ways of cutting away the excess papers; the first is to use a cutting board and crafters' knife:



Below:  Option Two is to use fine-detail scissors ....

Above:  A collection of hearts decorated with leftover scraps of stencil-printed papers.

Below:  Two photos showing greeting cards decorated with hearts.

NOTE:  To mail greeting cards with 3-dimensional embellishments, I recommend using padded envelopes.  You can find US postal requirements here.

Thanks for your visit today here at my blog and at my corresponding post at StencilGirl Talk!  

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