Thursday, January 21, 2021

Three-dimensional art can created with stencils and masks in several ways.  Today's post shows one approach that I took, using my 9" x 12" Tangled Pods.... 

... along with matte gel mediuma spreading tool, masking tape, a soft terrycloth rag and a sturdy substrate -- in this case, I chose a large sheet of glossy cardstock that had already been monoprinted with blue and green acrylic paints.

After taping the substrate to my work surface with masking tape, I covered it with Tangled Pods and taped that down, too. 

For my next step, I spread a generous layer of matte gel medium across the top of the stencil, as shown in the two photos below.  (Gloss gel medium work work, too.)

After spreading the gel medium, I lifted off the stencil:  

Since 3-dimensional gel can just about ruin a stencil or mask if allowed to harden, I immediately cleaned the stencil 

And I set aside the art to dry overnight.  Once it had dried, I coated it with acrylic paints, first brushing them on, then using the soft rag to wipe away paint from some areas. 

The two photos directly above show the first couple of paint layers.  I continued adding layers, working toward a result that would please me.  The final piece is shown below.  One of its top  layers, a gold "metallic" paint, covers about 2/3 of the surface:

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