Sunday, September 12, 2021


I've enjoyed creating some prints that I think of as "tile" prints.

Part of this "tile" look is developed by turning the stencils/masks in opposite directions while making each print.  This yields an impression of unity (because some designs match) yet, at the same time, variety (which ramps up interest for the viewer.)  

For the first "tile" below, I used both m268 R and E and m267 M and Y. (Its background is a pre-painted now-invalid stock certificate, a flea market purchase.)   

For today's second "tile," I used m267 M and Y. (Its background is a sheet of foreign newsprint.)

The "tile" below combines prints from both m268 R and E and m267 M and Yas well as incorporating a background print made with my 9" x 12" mask Clustered Leaves.  The prints were made with acrylic paints; the borders were added with crayon. 

Below is a piece that, to my eye, has a tile-like appearance, since I've seen tiles arranged diagonally at times.  4" x 4" m268 R and E and m267 M and Y both were used.  Asemic writing helped enrich the background to add overall depth to the piece.

Above:   today's final "tile," developed with acrylic paints on pre-painted foreign newsprint.  Again, 4" x 4" m268 R and E and m267 M and Y were used together.

I have used some of my tile prints as coaster covers, cutting each piece to a size slightly larger than the coaster, then wrapping the edges under the coaster and securing them with extra-heavy acrylic gel medium (I prefer the matte version, but glossy works too.)  After that bottom adhesive has dried, I flip the coasters over and spread a layer of the same acrylic gel across the top.  After the top layer is dry, voila, you have a waterproof coaster.  I have found inexpensive coaster sets in dollar stores; also, coaster blanks can be found online -- and those blanks come in a variety of interesting shapes. 

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