Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Stencil-Print Your Trick-or-Treat Handout Bags!

With blank giftbags, you can quickly decorate them with stencils and masks, for handing out to trick-or-theaters.

And for that art-making, you may want to use masks or stencils like these:

Cats s183 (6" x 6")

ATC Mixup Swatton # 1 L768 (9" x 12") -- featuring 9 Artist Trading Card-sized stencils and 3 bonus masks

Heron Stencil s175 (6" x 6")

Webbed Medallion s522 (6" x 6")

I haven't decorated any giftbags with Halloween themes, nor have I had the courage to print directly onto the giftbags!

But -- with my other masks and stencils -- I've made prints on assorted papers.  After the acrylic paints have dried, I've cut them out with Fiskars decorative scissors before using a glue stick to add them to all-occasion giftbags:

Above:  Made on foreign newsprint with 6" x 6" Garden at Nemours Mask.

Above:  Printed on "catch-all paper" using 9" x 12" stencil Thistle and 6" x 6" stencil Small Thistles.

Above: Made with 6" x 6" stencil Pressed Leaves and molding paste; after the paste had dried, I brushed over it lightly with Pan Pastel.

Above:  Top layer printed with 6" x 6" stencil Mikki's Flowers s604 and underneath layer printed using 9" x 12" Blooming Where Planted L449. The substrate is  holographic giftwrap paper and some of its glittery look remains visible.

Above:  Made with 6" x 6" Quilted Flower Garden; the substrate is "catch-all paper."

Above:  Made with 6" x 6" Garden at Nemours Mask.

Above:  Bottom layer was printed using 6" x 6" Ornamental Iron Curls s462.  Top layer was printed with interference red paint on black background using Artist Trading Card-sized Ornamental Iron Curls, one of 9 stencils (with additional bonus masks) that are included in 9" x 12" ATC Mixup Swatton # 2 L769 .

Above: After hitting the bag with blue spray paint, I added a green and blue print made on white paper using 6" x 6" LOVE s828.

Above:  9" x 12" Looking Up Through Trees L753 was used to print this design onto "catch-all" paper (paper that "catches" leftover paints when the leftovers are of small quantities -- to avoid letting leftover acrylic paints be sent down the drain with the brush-cleaning water.)

Above:  This giftbag was decorated with a heart cut from a print made using 6" x 6" Trivet B s167

Above:  Background print was made using 4" x 4" M & Y M267 and 4" x 4" R & E m268 Foreground print was made with 6" x 6" Heron s175.

Most of the above photos were taken before I got the idea to dress them up using these.  These stickers are easy to use, as-is -- or customized with scissors or a paper cutter.  The customizing that I generally do is to cut these decorative self-stick beauties into halves, lengthwise.  They go a lot farther that way; besides, there are times when the original sticker strips are too wide, so cutting them into halves gives me the exact width that I want. 

Thanks for visiting my blog today!  To scroll thru the pages of my StencilGirl stencils and masks, please start here.

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