Saturday, February 5, 2022

Courtship Valentine

Not everyone would recognize this 6" x 6" stencil-and-mask combination for what it is --

a silhouette of cranes doing their elegant dance of courting.

Dance of the Courting Cranes s394

So, in my approach to today's Valentine, I'm emphasizing the theme of romance by using traditional Valentine colors, as well as adding a heart...

Above:  I pull out paper with a pre-printed white floral pattern on the "top" red side and plain red on the "back" side.  Having flipped the paper over to red-side-up, I place onto it the mask part of this stencil-and-mask set.  I trace the shapes with a black marker. 

Below, I cut along the lines with Fiskars fine-detail scissors --

In the next photo, I turned the paper right-side-up ...

Below:  having used a Uhu gluestick to add the cut-out to the cover of a white blank greeting card, I get out my paper-crafting heart punch from Marvy.


For my last step, I punch out a white heart shape and glue it to the cut-out:

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