Tuesday, February 1, 2022

3D Valentine Card

 Today's Valentine project follows a path I've taken before, but with different materials.

Both then and now, I've worked with papers printed using masks or stencils.  

What I have learned, however, from experience is this:  Avoid paper that's stiff, heavyweight or vintage.  Instead, use paper that's pliable and somewhat soft to the touch.

The paper I've chosen for today's project fits this description.  It's pale beige with a scattered pattern of metallic gold butterflies.  I printed with translucent acrylic paint to keep the butterflies somewhat visible, as shown below.

Above:  Printed using 9" x 12" Fire Cherries Mask L879


Out came wooden hearts ...

Above:  my collection of thin wooden hearts from craft stores and Amazon

... and I placed one of the large hearts atop a favorite area of the print:

Next, I brought out a black Sharpie pen --

... and, around the heart, drew a border wide enough to ensure I would have ample amount of paper to fold over the edges of the heart.

Above:  With fine detail scissors I cut out the enlarged heart shape.


With the black pen, I added a cut mark at the top center of the back of the printed paper.  This was to ease the paper as I wrapped it around the edges of the wooden heart.

 After using a Uhu gluestick to cover the back of the printed paper and one side of the wooden heart, I pressed the two glued sides together, then folded the edges of the paper around the heart.

Below:  Having turned the heart right-side-up, I've auditioned several metallic gold papers and have chosen this embossed foil laminated to sturdy paper.

Above:  Unable to find my plastic self-healing cutting board, I've substituted sturdy cardboard.  Cardboard protected my work surface while I used a craft knife to cut the paper to the 6" x 6" size of the greeting card blank. 

Above:  Having used extra heavy matte gel medium to attach the back of the heart to the cover of the card, I've completed my 3-dimensional Valentine card.

Thanks for taking time to stop at my blog today!  To scroll thru the pages of my StencilGirl Products stencils and masks, please start here.

Do you know about this?  If you enjoy making cards the way I do, your production may exceed your needs.  If that happens, isn't it wonderful that you can send your beautiful greeting cards to an organization that makes good use of them?  I think so! 

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