Friday, January 28, 2022

Traditional Valentines ....

Above:  The heart was cut from a print made with Quilted Flower Garden s237.  The background is textured gold foil laminated onto sturdy paper.

Quilted Flower Garden s237 measures 6" x 6" and looks like this in its entirety --

The "scrap" leftover from today's first Valentine worked as a frame on a different card, shown below ...

The central red mini-heart was created with one of the paper-crafting  shape-punches by Marvy.

The greeting card blanks that I've used here came from, but this company no longer offers a 6" x 6" greeting card blank in the metallic/reflective white version I'm showing here.  As I write this, at least one other color is still available in this size.

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The multiple web pages showing my StencilGirl Products masks and stencils begin here.

Do you know about this?  If you enjoy making cards the way I do, your production may exceed your needs.  If that happens, isn't it wonderful that you can send your beautiful greeting cards to an organization that makes good use of them?  I think so! 

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