Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Judi Kauffman and FIRE CHERRIES MASK

I received a wonderful surprise from artist Judi Kauffman -- and I'm here today to share it with everyone kind enough to stop and check out my blog post today!

One kind of art-making takes the form of pocket cards.  Judi tells me that the pocket-blanks she used for this project have been discontinued, but that it's easy to find library pocket-style dies as well as pre-made pockets.  I'm sure that's true; I have a cousin who also makes and shares card-and-pocket artworks.  

Get ready to be awed by Judi's art!  I'm so grateful that she not only sent me the photos that she had taken but also sent me the artworks themselves!

First, I'll show the card-and-pocket sets before Judi added embellishments, a few at a time and then the entire collection.  The close-ups will show the cards before they're slipped into the pockets and the final grouping will show them inside their pockets.


The cards and pockets above were sprayed with bright colors before stenciling -- a delicious blend of orange, red, yellow, blue and purple.  

After the pockets were stenciled with black, using Wendy Brightbill's 9" x 12" Wildflower Lace Mask, Judi added some white dry-brushing.  

The card inserts were stenciled with white using my 9" x 12" Fire Cherries Mask L879.

Next, I'll show the card-and-pocket pairs after Judi had embellished them with cancelled floral postal stamps and rubber stamping.  As I did before, I'll show close-ups of the sets followed by a photo of the entire group.  The close-ups show the cards before they're slipped into the pockets and the final grouping shows them inside their pockets.

Wow!  I hope you're awed by these card-and-pocket sets because I certainly am!

Judi has generously sent me a beautiful collection of paper goodies shown in the photo below ...

To close out today's post, I'll show close-ups of two of Judi's prints on 12" x 12" scrapbook papers (shown above, but in less detail.)  In developing these prints, Judi moved the mask around to get cherry clusters here; this movement created an eye-pleasing pattern. 

Above: This scrapbook paper was originally printed with a pattern of wooden boards and vintage script.


Above: This scrapbook paper was originally printed with vintage script and a different pattern of wooden boards.  Notice how these backgrounds added dimension and interest to the finished artworks!

Above:  My 9" x 12" Fire Cherries Mask L879.

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  1. fabulous!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Awesome job Judi! These are stunning!!

  3. Beautiful work! I especially love the stenciled scrapbook paper.

  4. Judi: You create beautiful pocket cards with each one more gorgeous than the first one. I couldn't select a favorite one because they all are marvelous. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent with us.