Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Cluttered collage!  

I think an artist can grow "stale" if he or she keeps doing the same kind of art, just because he or she has developed expertise or experience in any one specific corner of the art world.  I don't consider any of today's collages masterpieces -- but creating masterpieces wasn't my goal.  I wanted to stretch myself, and whenever we take the bold step of adventuring into new territory, the first few launches will probably fall back to earth with a clunk!  

So what!?  In developing each project, an artist learns something.  Someday, in some other artwork, lessons learned will come in handy ... maybe in ways that surprise you.  Trust me!

Cluttered collage opens pathways to new possibilities -- one of which is to use opaque acrylic paint in blocking out some of that cluttered background to create a silhouette of a representational figure.

For the sake of this blog post, I'll create a faster substitute for using opaque paint to outline a representational shape.  Rather than use paint, I'll use Photoshop. Either way, both the approach and result are the same. This example (below) is to illustrate just one direction you can take with cluttered collage:

Above:  The silhouette of a cat is taken from my 6" x 6" Cats Stencil s183This art sample shows one way of making a cluttered collage work for you; the background has been painted out to leave a recognizable shape of complex color and pattern integration.

Masks and stencils I've used in printing today's collage papers include....

6" x 6" Cats Stencil s183

6" x 6" Palm Fronds Silhouette Mini s050

6" x 6" Ski Lift Works s463

6" x 6" Looking Up Through Trees s793

9" x 12" Twinship L268

6" x 6" Swatton Links s079

Above: 6" x 6" Palm Fronds Silhouette Mini s050

Above: 6" x 6" Ski Lift Works s463 

Above:  6" x 6" Looking Up Through Trees s793

Above:  9" x 12" Twinship L268

Above:  6" x 6" Swatton Links s079

6" x 6" Cats Stencil s183

Update:  Today, April 9, I noticed that artist Jane Davies has also been working on "cluttered collage."  Remember this! -- ideas are universal!  :-)  They seem to float around in the air and get "caught" by some people at the same time!

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