Monday, April 25, 2022


I've subscribed to The New Palate Magazine for years, always loving its artworks and instructional articles ... but when I opened the current Issue # 81, my enjoyment of the magazine opened into full bloom. 

Page 9's photo shows a sample-collection of artist Lynn Slade's stenciled and stamped papers.  Lynn stockpiles these papers as raw material; her genius is to use collage in depicting whimsical animals that warm and lift viewers' hearts.

Page 9 captured my attention when I saw that Lynn had used two stencils I've designed for  

Both these designs are available in more than one size; and my Pods series includes not only stencils but also matching masks.  For the sake of illustration, today's post narrows the focus down to these stencils:  Dangled Pods Stencil L490 (9"x 12") and Mimosa Stencil L141 (9" x 12").  Below is a close-up detail that I've clipped from Lynn Slade's larger photo. 

These two stencils look like this:

Dangled Pods Stencil L490 (9"x 12")

Mimosa Stencil L141 (9" x 12")

Stencil lovers, give your eyes a thrill ride!  Check out Lynn Slade's full-length article, which includes photos of her enchanting collages.  Use this link to subscribe to The New Palate Magazine!  Since it's a quarterly publication, I think you'll receive Issue #81 in your first mailing.

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