Saturday, April 30, 2022

Mother's Day, Stencils and Shiva Sticks

Want to make a fancy Mother's Day card for someone special?  Read on!

Shiva Sticks are fun to use and my favorites are the metallic versions.  

For this project, I recommend wearing disposable gloves and gathering these supplies:  iridescent Shiva Paintstik oil crayons; a stencil or a mask; thin, dark papers; and an  X-acto knife.  

I used black and other dark mulberry papers because of their thinness.  The best iridescent Paintstik colors to use on dark papers are silver, white, and light gold.  For this projects, I chose gold and silver.

Just before use, a Shiva Paintstik needs to be "primed" because, when not in use, it naturally forms an outer "skin" which must be removed. This is easily done with an X-acto knife -- but it should be done by an adult, never a child; these knives are sharp.

The mask I'm using here, in today's Project One, is my 4"X 4" Fern Fronds Silhouette m051.

I held the mask in place with one hand while rubbing the Paintstik across the mask.  I used the crayon lying on its side, as shown below --

The above photo shows that all empty spaces in the mask design have been completely filled with a layer of metallic Paintstik crayon.  

In the photo below, the mask has been lifted off the paper and placed above the imprint.


Above:  This silver-on-black print was made in the same way.

When first lifted off the print, the mask is heavily coated with leftover oil crayon.  

To create another print of a different kind -- without using more crayon -- the mask is placed on fresh paper and held in place with one hand, while the other uses a soft rag or paper towel to rub across the mask ....

Above:  Here, the surface has been well rubbed with a paper towel; the mask has not yet been lifted off.

Another print made using this second method is shown below, after the mask has been lifted off.  These is called "ghost prints."

More than one "ghost print" can be made this way, until most of the residue crayon has been removed from the mask.  Then the mask can be completely cleaned with an alcohol wipe.

All of today's art samples have now graduated to become covers for my greeting cards.  I think a lot of women -- friends; relatives -- deserve Mother's Day cards.  This year I'm going to send one to my daughter!  (She and her husband gave me a grandson back on November 16, 2021.)

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