Friday, April 22, 2022

Last Batch of Icads, with a Glimpse into My Assembly/"Audition" Process

Here (for the last time) are some of my stencil- and mask-printed index cards, all created to become backgrounds for Icads --

And here is one photo of my Icad "audition"/assembly process--

Yet another photo of my "audition"/assembly process:

Some finished Icads:

Above: A yellow index card was printed with 6" x 6" Abstract Composition Backbones Mask 4 s867 to create a border for one of my digital clipart bits that I'd created years ago.

Above: This pink index card has become background for a partial print created by making multiple prints using both 6" x 6" Looking Up Through Trees Small s793 and 9" x 12" Looking Up Through Trees L753.  With each of those multiple prints, I turned the paper by 30 degrees or so, to get the tree branches criss-crossing one another.

Above:  This pale green index card frames a print made on green and blue spattered paper using my Artist Trading Card-sized penguin stencil, one of 9 stencils included in 9" x 12" ATC Mixup Swatton 2 L769.  (If you love penguins the way I love penguins, you may want to take a look here.)

Above:  The far left and far right borders of this Icad were printed on glossy black cardstock with violet interference acrylic paint and my ATC Mixup Swatton #1 L768, one of nine stencils that are included in one 9" x 12" sheet.  The lines of this middle image were created with a small piece of corrugated cardboard dipped into watered down purple acrylic paint, on a background of foreign newsprint.  The flowers are pressed dry flowers that I bought ages ago, when I was going thru my pressed flowers and leaves phase.

Above: This final Icad is one of my favorites.  The stripes in the upper right wsere cut from an old painting of mine.  The metallic loops on the far left were cut from a photo that I had taken in a sculpture garden. In the lower right area is a partial print made with my 9" x 12" Prayer Flags L371.  The bluish metallic criss-cross trim is one of the many varieties of foil stickers from Paper Wishes.

And last of all -- with the 2 examples below -- I'll suggest a way to use Icads, in case you create more of them than you know what to do with (because they are such fun to make!)

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