Sunday, July 29, 2018

Stunning Art by Nancy Curry using HOT AIR BALLOON STENCILS & MASKS

Nancy Curry -- one of my fellow-stencil designers at -- has once again delighted me in her use of one of my stencils in her series of artworks created with Citrasolv prints.  (Be sure to catch up with Nancy here.) 

This time, Nancy has used one of my two Hot Air Balloon Stencils and Masks, which in their entirety look like this --

Note:  Both the 6"x 6" Stencil-and-Mask set and the Mini 4" x 4" Stencil-and-Mask set look like the image above.  The only difference is in size.  Outer dimensions of the larger set are 6"x 6" -- this includes both a stencil and a mask.  Likewise, the outer dimensions of the mini set are 4"x 4" -- and that 4"x 4" sheet of Mylar contains both a stencil and a mask.  Sizes of each individual stencil and each mask are correspondingly smaller than the outer sizes of 6" x 6" and 4" x 4".

Below is the view shown at --

In the above alternate view, the mask is shown on the far right.  The set arrives with the mask still in place, cozily next to the stencil.  It's made to be removed very easily.

Nancy's choice in this case was the 4" x 4" version -- Mini Hot Air Balloon and Mask.  Hers artwork is so gorgeous, I want to clap in hearty applause!

Above:  unframed version.  Click on this image to enlarge it to better see details.

Above:  framed version.  Stunning!

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