Saturday, May 22, 2021

3 Artists Tell Us How They Created These Artworks using Stencils

Today's post brings another round-up of artists who've delighted me by using some of my StencilGirl stencils and masks in creating unique artworks, and I thank them for their generous permission to post those photos here.

First up:  Jackie Giammarco.  In in the first art sample below, Jackie has used the Artist Trading Card-sized stencil Hot Air Balloon, one of the 9 stencils and bonus masks that are included in my 9" x 12" ATC Mix-up Swatton # 1.

Above: Artist Jackie Giammarco has had the brilliant idea of using the stencil on pre-printed paper; and adding the blurb is a second stroke of genius.  I'm always happy to see artists like Jackie use my stencils and masks in ways that had never occurred to me when I'd designed them.

Second up: Kathy Waldo, a StencilGirl StencilClub member, has shared with us her method for developing these two tags, charmingly antiqued --


Kathy started with un-gessoed craft paper tags.  She imprinted them using Small Thistles s583 and Payne's Grey acrylic paint.  After letting that dry, the artist used a large, damp brush to apply Deco Arts Transparent White acrylic paint -- purposely leaving some areas unpainted.  Having allowed another period of drying time, Kathy then used the stencil again, with the same gray paint, but moved the stencil a little off the original placement.  Following another drying period, Kathy edged the tag with black (Liqorice) Gelato and smudged that with a damp finger.  It was the random swipes of white paint and the Gelato edging that combined to give these tags their delightful antiqued look.  

Small Thistles s583 (6" x 6") looks like this in its entirety --

Above: This is the 6" x 6" size. Similar, but not identical, thistles are 9" x 12" Thistle and an Artist Trading Card-sized stencil included in ATC Mixup Swatton #2.


To shine the spotlight on today's third artist, I gladly present Suzanne Clover, who has used my stencils in several of her artworks.  My 6" x 6" Heron stencil has been trotted out more than once.  

In developing the glimmer-rich hanging art below,
Suzanne went thru a step-by-step process.  She used Heron to stencil an image on a sheet of Wonder Under. Next, she paired that sheet of Wonder Under with a sheet of the matching size.  Between these two sheets she added a layer of light molding paste on cheesecloth as well as a layer of Angelina fibers.  The two pieces of Wonder Under became the outer layers of a sandwich that she secured together with the help of the metal spiral embellishment.  Her last step was to use painted ribbon, attached with fusible web, to hold the eyelets for the ties.

Suzanne also 
used Heron in developing Calm Waters, below; it's an acrylic painting on cradled board --

Blooming Where Planted, a 9" x 12" mask I've designed for StencilGirl, was what Suzanne Clover used in making this spectacular work of art:

Above:  Moonstone Pebbles by Suzanne Clover

Blooming Where Planted, in its entirety, looks like this:

Blooming Where Planted (9" x 12" mask)

I've enjoyed visiting Suzanne Clover's Pinterest page, and invite everyone else to share in that same treat.

Thanks to all who came to check out my blog today! To scroll thru the pages of my StencilGirl masks and stencils, please start here.

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