Saturday, November 13, 2021

Confession:  I don't fall in love with every print I make; that "chemistry" didn't happen, even when excitement led me to experiment with my most recent release, 9" x 12" Fire Cherries Mask L879.

I could have painted or collaged over those few prints that didn't satisfy me, but I decided instead to cut them into strips to combine with other paper strips, with a goal of developing a two-collage series.

First however a background was needed, so I grabbed two 9" x 12" stretched canvases and a handful of older releases:

The older masks are shown on far right in the photo above.  They include 9" x 12" Fantasia L450, 9" x 12" Clustered Leaves L4336" x 6" Sprigs s523and 4" x 4" Palm Fronds  Silhouette Mini m050.  To the left of the masks lie the two canvases, each multi-layered with partial mask prints in pale gray, pale yellow, pale brown-orange and white.

After those layers of acrylic paints had dried, I started to audition strips of printed papers in a variety of placements on the canvases.

Above:  Here I'm experimenting with placement of paper strips on Collage 1.

Below: Collage 1 as it appears now....

Next up, a photo of Collage 2 in progress --

Below is a photo of Collage 2 as it appears now....

I'm not saying that these two collages are finished.  Maybe so, maybe not!

Here is a close-up detail from one of the prints that were cut up to make these collages:

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