Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Variety Galore using Only Two Masks

In recent artmaking projects, I've enjoyed using 9" x 12" Winter Berries Mask L677 with my just-released Fire Cherries Mask (also 9" x 12").  While pairing them on each art-making adventure, I've found that varying the order of using them has yielded unexpected variety.

Below:  This 3-layer print began with a plain background of Golden Titan Buff.  Over that, I made a monochromatic blue print with Winter Berries Mask L677.  Once that dried, I added a third layer simply by placing 9” x 12” Fire Cherries Mask atop the first print and sponging the whole surface with heavy-body Golden Magenta acrylic paint.  The role of Fire Cherries Mask was to mask off the areas that I didn't want to receive a coat of magenta.

On another project, my application with Winter Berries Mask L677 became the last step, rather than the first.  Another departure was to use only parts of Winter Berries Mask, rather than the entire mask....

Above:  I took this photo upon lifting Fire Cherries Mask from the substrate (an old calendar page coated with magenta acrylic paint.)  I'd created the print by sponge-pouncing Titan Buff heavy-body acrylic paint across all areas not covered by the mask.

Below:  At far left lies a piece that I've cut free from a paint-stained Winter Berries Mask L677; at far right, an edge of my palette paper tablet holding a translucent acrylic paint of blue.   


Above:  Having cut more pieces from Winter Berries Mask L677, I have begun placing them all around the edges of the print.  

Below:  Now that I've sponged blue paint across the whole print, it's clear where I've placed all the pieces of that mask.

Above:  Contrast this finished art sample with the first art sample in today's post.  Altho both were created with the same two masks, the results are widely different.

Today's third art sample, below, sets yet another example of the wide range of possibilities when today's two masks work in tandem:

Above:  Altho the foreground color here appears nearly black, the actual color is dark green. This Fire Cherries Mask print was created on the background shown directly below; and that background was developed using 9" x 12" Winter Cherries Mask.....

Pairing my 9" x 12" Winter Berries Mask L677 with my just-released Fire Cherries Mask (also 9" x 12") hasn't always given me printed results that please my eye.  Some results have been much too "busy" -- so, the overall images emerged as just plain confusing!  One of my soon-upcoming posts will tackle this challenge by illustrating  one of several "first aid" options.

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