Thursday, November 18, 2021

Hanging Ornaments

Artist Judi Kauffman gave me another great idea for making  Christmas tree ornaments!  Judi delighted me by the creative way she approached her project.

Above:  Clustered Leaves L433 (9" x 12") is what Judi used in making these wonderful dangling Christmas stars. 

Another beautiful creation of Judi's:  Stocking-stuffer coasters made in much the same way; and one of these gift coasters was likewise decorated using Clustered Leaves L433....

Above:  Although this beauty was created as a coaster, it could have been made on sturdy cardstock like the Christmas stars to become a hanging ornament or ... use your imagination!

 Clustered Leaves L433 itself looks like this -- 

Hanging ornaments?  Or gift tags?  Once the thread is added thru the hole punch-created hole at the top of the ornament, it's ready to be either a gift tag or a hanging ornament. 

Note 1 :  One of the online sources of crafters' metallic threads     is here.

Nore 2:  One of the online sources of crafters' coaster-blanks is here.

Is it any wonder I want to make these Christmas beauties now that I've seen these?  Many thanks to Judi for allowing me to re-post her photos!

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