Sunday, November 14, 2021

FACETS L283 (with 1 FIRE CHERRIES Print)

 One day, I made a series of prints with 9" x 12" Facets L283; today's post brings some of them trotting out.  

Today's first art sample is the most subtle, because I used Titan Buff acrylic heavy-body paint blended with a darker brown heavy-body acrylic paint -- and my background was sturdy scrapbooking paper that'd come in a lovely pattern resembling the raw (brown-to-beige) bark that's used for cork-making.  

The close-up below shows the imprint made with Facets L283; and beneath that, you can see the original pattern of this lovely paper.

After the Facets L283 print had dried, I added a bold red topcoat using 9" x 12" Fire Cherries Mask--

Above:  Fire Cherries Mask (9" x 12") printed with red acrylic paint atop a print created using Facets L283 (also 9" x 12".)

Facets L283 prints --

What to do with these and all my other prints?  

Below is a greeting card cover, first imprinted with a background of Facets L283 .  Over that print, I did a second print using Mikki's Flowers Stencil (6" x 6").

(These flowers also come as Mikki's Flowers Mask, shown below....)

is an art journal double-page spread -- not yet finished -- that features a print made with Facets L283 , over-printed using 9" x 12" Mimosa L141.  The combination of those blue and green prints forms a frame for the central area, printed with my 6" x 6" Sprigs s523.

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