Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Acrylic Paint-Covered Stencils as Collage

 At times, I incorporate acrylic paint-stained stencils as embellishments in my abstract artworks on stretched canvas.  Just one example is in the photo below.

In the artwork above, I created the base with acrylic paints (including some metallic hues in the focal area.)  Next, I used color pens to draw random lines from top to bottom and side to side across the piece.  Finally, with heavy body matte medium as my adhesive, I added pieces of paint-stained masks, all of which had been scissor-customized into "new" shapes after I'd cut from their original frames.  Each of the above paint-stained "stencil-bits" came from my collection Abstract Composition Backbones Masks.

The photo below shows a partial print made using 6" x 6" Abstract Composition Backbones Mask 1 s964 ...

Abstract Composition Backbones Mask 1 s964, in its entirety, looks like this --

The photo below shows a collage I've created using s964 as well as other stencil-printed papers ....

In the collage shown above, some stencil-printed papers were cut from the print below.  This print's original background paper was a flyleaf from an old encyclopedia volume.  The subtle foreground, printed with yellow acrylic paint, was created using 9" x 12" Facets L283:

Above:  To my eye, this subtle yellow print made with Facets L283 -- since it has circular patterns --makes a happy marriage with the background's bubbly pattern.

9" x 12" Facets L283

Now to U-turn back to the green collage:  The embellishments across its face are paint-stained bits and pieces cut from 9" x 12" Winter Berries Mask L677.  The following photo shows a close-up of one area that better displays the berries --

Winter Berries Mask L677 in its original form looks like this:

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