Tuesday, July 5, 2022

That Metallic Look ...

Some time ago, on StencilGirl Talk blog, I did a how-to write-up entitled Foiled Again!  You can read it, and see its step-by-step photos, using this link

Among the photos posted there are the three immediately below --

In the 3 art samples above, each features a ribbon that's become metallic with the help of rub-on foil and my 6" x 6" stencil Kaleid s085.  A supply list is included in that write-up at StencilGirl Talk blog. (Use this link.) 

Another approach to getting a metallic look with stencils is simply to start with foil, textured or plain.  You can opt for copy-paper-size foil sheets available at art/craft stores; or metallic gift-wrap; or even pieces of foil-laminated paper that comes for a free ride in some types of junk mail.  I've used all three.

Above:  I started with plain gold foil-paper, made a print on it with Ornamental Iron Curls (6" x 6") stencil; then cut it into a Christmas tree shape.

Above:  On heavily textured silver foil-paper, I made a green print with Ornamental Iron Curls , followed by a yellow print created using Pavilion Shadows (6" x 6") stencil.

Above: With my 6" x 6" stencil Swaying Grasses, I used red acrylic paint to make a print on faintly textured silver foil-paper; then I cut it into a heart shape.  After giving it a red background, I added a small red heart that I'd made with a heart-shaped hole-punch.

My 9" x 12" Fantasia L450 mask was used in creating this next  metallic art sample --

A photo fails to do justice to the reflective sparkle in the above art sample.  I used a quick, easy technique --  simply let the first step be a layer of reflective "metallic" paint.  Then bring on the stencil or mask -- and use it with either matte or glossy acrylic paints (or both).  Another option is using them with opaque and/or translucent acrylic paints.

Below is an example of something metallic that's somewhat similar; this piece was created with part of my 9" x 12" stencil Blooming Where Planted --


Above:  This time, rather than add metallic paint to paper, I started with textured reflective foil gift-wrap paper.  I chose matte acrylic paint to use thru the stencil, because of its contrast with the background.

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