Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Judi Kauffman!

My friend Judi Kauffman has been saving canceled postage stamps for decades to use on cards, ATCs and other projects.  They’re little works of art, after all. 

She divides them into categories. Over the years she’s collected quite a few that feature shells, fish, and other sea creatures. 

From this collection, Judi chose to use some of these little gems in her latest batch of cards.  These cancelled stamps became focal points on backgrounds made with Judi's newest gel prints -- prints made with acrylic paints and one of my allover-pattern stencils ...

9" x 12" Twinship L268

Though this stencil is not a beach theme, per se, it is somehow just right for beach-y summer cards, don’t you think? I love the way she positions each stamp in a way that feels visually just right! And every stamp is carefully color coordinated to the gel print on which it sits.  Pure joy!

If your imagination jumps all over the place, the way mine does, or if you live, as I do, near a coast where some earn their livings on the sea, you may "see" these background prints as trawling nets.  (Or maybe not!)  

Either way, you'll love the eye candy by Judi Kauffman that I'm sharing today.  Here comes the joy ride; it starts with group photos, then segues into individual close-ups featuring each piece of both groups ...

I extend many heartful thanks to Judi Kauffman!  Not only for today's goodies but also for others shown here in earlier posts -- and more to come in future posts!

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