Monday, May 21, 2018

BUDS Stencil

Buds is one of my 9" x 12" StencilGirl stencils designed with a floral theme.

Below are two prints I've made with this stencil.  In creating the top image, I used only a portion of the stencil.  The background here was a sheet of foreign newsprint that I had previously used in an earlier project, experimenting with the Gelli Plate.  

Likewise, the second print is on newsprint that had previously been used as a "catch-all" paper.  These are papers that I use for cleaning off my brushes before lowering them into their temporary soaking water.  For me, this is one easy way of keeping excess acrylic paint from going down the drain when it comes time to bring brushes out of their temporary soak and wash them clean at the sink.

The bonus to using "catch-all" paper for leftover paint is that I end up with interesting backgrounds for stencil prints.  A win-win.   

Above:  The Buds stencil (9" x 12")
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