Monday, May 7, 2018

MIKKI'S FLOWERS STENCIL and MASK -- Better Together!

Since s604 Mikki’s Flowers Stencil and  S605 Mikki’s Flowers Mask are exact opposites, they beautifully complement each other; used together, they develop more complex artworks -- the mystery deepens with each mix-or-match layer.

The first photo below show a print made with S605 Mikki’s Flowers Mask alone.  (I made this print on a background previously printed with a variety of line-markings.)

And here are 2 prints made with s604 Mikki’s Flowers Stencil alone.  

 I made the above print on a page from an old encyclopedia that had previously been coated with Titan Buff acrylic paint.  The green margin had also been previously created.

The photo above shows a print made on an old calendar page that had previously been printed with the same stencil, then covered with a layer of light green acrylic paint.
The photo below shows art on a stretched canvas that was created with both s604 Mikki’s Flowers Stencil and  S605 Mikki’s Flowers Mask.  The most prominent mask-printed area is on the upper right.  The stencil-printed area is on the lower left.  Both were stencil and mask used repeatedly across the entire piece, layer upon layer, in muted tones. 

Also used above:  my 9" x 12" stencil Queen Anne's Lace.  Its prints appear in the upper left (Titan Buff on pale orange background) and in the middle-right (pale orange against a pinkish background.)

Queen Anne's Lace in its entirety looks like this:

Thanks for your visit today.  More art samples made with my April 25 releases will appear here tomorrow.

To see the pages of my StencilGirl stencils, please check here.

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