Tuesday, May 12, 2020


The focus of today's post is the step-by-step process that led to the 3-dimensional artwork in the first photo below.  The star of the show is my new 9"x 12" Palm Fronds Silhouette L791.  And in a supporting role, the mask Palm Fronds Silhouette Mini (4" x 4".)

Above:  Inspired by the bright colors of Bollywood circa 1990s, this piece is entitled Holi.

Below:  Having set out a 12" x 12" stretched canvas, I placed these two masks onto it, setting them at an angle.

Below:  I used an artists' spatula to spread light modeling paste thru the smaller mask.

Above:  I lifted off the small mask immediately and placed it into a basin of water.  This is to keep the thick modeling paste wet so it can be easily cleaned off later.  If not cleaned off, it will clog the small openings that create part of the design of this mask.

Below, the modeling paste has been spread thru my brand new 9" x 12" mask--

Below:  Now that both masks have been lifted off, the 3-dimensional results are easy to see:

Below:  After allowing the canvas to dry overnight, I brought out some liquid acrylic paint and added a little water to each, with the goal of creating some areas of thin paint coverage and other areas with thick paint coverage.

Above:  I've done the first paint pouring and have tilted the canvas to encourage flow.  The water-thinned parts will spread rapidly and leave a thin layer of color; the thicker parts of the paint will get caught in the crevices made by the masks. 

Below, the same thick-and-thin settling is taking place, and I've helped it along with a spray of water in a mister bottle.

Above:  the second color has been added and is starting to spread.

Below, the spreading has continued, with the help of another spray of water.

The photo below shows the beginning results from the thick-and-thin paint applications:  an uneven coloring across the surface, to heighten variety, which in turn heightens interest for the viewer's eye.

Above:  I've swirled liquid gloss medium across the surface.

The next 2 photos below show that I've added 2 colors of Golden High Flow paint, randomly trailing their paint into the liquid gloss medium.

Below are two close-ups of the surface after it has dried overnight --

The photo above shows the entire 12" x 12" canvas.  I could've stopped at this point; instead, I added a pour of Golden High Flow blue paint.

 After the blue paint dried, I muted some of the edge colors with zinc white acrylic paint; this created an irregular border around the central image.  Then, with a small brush, I added metallic paint highlights to some of the raised areas as well as some of the depressed areas. 

Above:  Inspired by the bright colors of Bollywood circa 1990s, this piece is entitled Holi.

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