Saturday, February 15, 2020

ATC Stencils Used Many Ways

Today's post will give a quick glance at ATC Mixup 2.

These brand-new 18 images are mostly stencils, but several bonus masks are included. 

ATC mixup 2 holds these images:

Top row L to R--
Ornamental Iron Curls

Middle row L to R—
Mikki's Flowers

Bottom row L to R—
Fern Fronds Silhouette
Osprey Wings

Some of those images are "echoes" of full-sized stencils and masks that I'd designed previously.  But in every case, the designs differ from the originals.  They stand alone as independents; and of course, they can also be used with the original stencils and masks that inspired their creation.

Today's first two art samples created with Osprey Wings are below.  Although ATC-sized, these stencils and masks work in lots of different applications.  The top image below is the cover of a greeting card--

And the second art sample, below, shows the way I used it in a watercolor painting of mine:

Below is another greeting card cover.  My first step in developing it was to use masking tape in securing the stencil atop a pre-painted tag.  Next, I grabbed an old credit card to scrape crackle medium thru the stencil. 

Right after after using any kind of high-viscosity (thick) media with a stencil, I clean the stencil -- or at least, place it in a basin of water to keep the medium soft so I can easily clean it later.  I don't bother to clean stencils or masks used with thin paints.  But thick paints and gels can dry to clog openings on some stencils and masks, so I don't let them dry on the stencils.

After the crackle paste had dried and crackled, I painted it with blue acrylic paint.   (You can better see the crackles by clicking on the image below to enlarge it.)  

The gold embellishment right above these ginkgo leaves is a product no longer on the market, as far as I can tell.  It was a self-adhesive trim sold by Mark Enterprises.  The closest thing I have been able to find is Dresden gold foil embellished decorations.  The Dresden pieces that I use are not self-adhesive, but they work well with a gluestick.    

Dresden embellishments come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.  The ATC sample below features four of them as decorative corner pieces.  

Before adding the corner pieces, I had used Fern Fronds Silhouette and red acrylic paint on textured gold foil-bonded paper.  I cut out that print and used a gluestick to give it a background of dull silver paper.

Dresden embellishments are available on Etsy, from several sellers, as well as here on AmazonSmile.

Above is a sample print of Mikki's Flowers.  The watering can came to me on a piece of junk mail; I covered it with translucent red acrylic paint.  After that dried, I used near-opaque yellow acrylic paint with the stencil to print atop the watering can.

Below, you can see a sample print created with Ornamental Iron Curls, using a pre-painted paper tag as the base.  After tying ribbons thru the hole in the tag, I used a gluestick to add it to 2 layers of backing.

I'll be posting lots more ATC art samples here, continuing to celebrate the release of these two new 9" x 12" stencils.  Altho sized for making Artist Trading Cards, they work just as well in creating bookmarks, gift-tags, collage elements, embellishments for art journal pages, hanging ornaments, and even refrigerator magnets!

Here's another piece of info -- I've discovered that there are 2 DVDs on making ATCs!  You can find them here.

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