Thursday, February 20, 2020

Up, Up and Away!

Inspired by my original 6" x 6" stencil Osprey Wings --

6" x 6" stencil Osprey Wings

-- I created an ATC-size Osprey Wings, one of the nine images on my new 9" x 12" stencil ATC Mixup 2.  The brand-new osprey looks like one of those on the 6" x 6", but its size is reduced -- giving artists the possibility (and the fun) of using the two stencils together.

The first art sample below is a greeting card cover.  The base is a sheet of watercolor paper that had previously been washed with lavender and aqua watercolors.  Atop that is a tag that I'd speckled with a variety of paint sprays, then stenciled with the ATC Osprey Wings and blue acrylic paint. 

Below is another tag, first painted metallic blue, then stenciled with white acrylic paint thru the ATC Osprey Wings.  

Like Osprey Wings, the ATC Hot Air Balloon (one of the stencils in ATC Mixup 1) was based on stencils I'd designed in the past.  Those originals came in two sizes -- but the ATC version is sized differently; and it's all ready to be used alone or with the two other stencils that inspired it.  Below are several of the ATC samples.

Used once, on pre-painted orange-red paper.

Used 3 times, on pre-painted reddish paper.

Used once, on pre-tinted hot-press (smooth) watercolor paper.

More Osprey Wings imagery --

On a tag painted red, I used an old credit card to spread molding paste thru the stencil.  After that dried, I spread a thin layer of glitter glue (Ranger Industries) over the raised whitish area that forms the osprey.

Another paint-speckled tag, also printed with the Osprey Wings ATC, then layered onto flower petal inclusion paper.

After printing the reddish spattered tag with the ATC and white acrylic paint, I threaded yarn instead of ribbon thru the tag's top hole.  Then I glued the tag to a metallic ribbon.  The silver metallic base (thin cardstock) will be trimmed to create a narrow bookmark.

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